Night Sky Acupuncture + Ideaphoria

Liz Greenhill, LAc.

Liz Greenhill, LAc. offers two types of services: Acupuncture and Creativity Consulting. State licensed and nationally certified as an acupuncturist and herbalist for ten years, Liz crafts your in-office Acupuncture sessions into a true somatic experience, with a magical combination of acupuncture, acupressure and guided visualization. Creativity Consultations are one-on-one experiences on the phone or in-person in which your creative project gets our full focus: ideaphoria, active listening, the application of eastern medicine’s energetics, principles, and theories, and creative visualization, so that you can learn to source new ideas and insights from an embodied and energized space. Hotel and house calls sessions and pop-up group experiences are available upon request. Liz travels to consult and co-create with artists and groups.

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The night sky is an image I come back to again and again, guiding the body to feel as spacious and vast as the dark lit with stars, that floating feeling of letting the edges of the body dissolve, and the idea that the acupuncture points we work with illuminate within the body like constellations.


Night Sky Acupuncture + Ideaphoria is a place where you reconnect to your creative and whole self. It is a place where I examine these same things, as an acupuncturist, writer, visual artist, collaborator and creative thinking partner. Self-expression is an integral part of the human experience, both individually and collectively. Together we can help each other discover new frontiers within our imaginations and our lived experience.


Your sessions can be hands-on with acupuncture in-person, or through talking via phone or video chat. Customized guided visualizations shift the mind’s eye and work with the body’s healing process, allowing for new insights and movement of stuck energy.  Artists access new perspectives for current projects and learn things about their creative process that they might not have discovered otherwise. Through active listening, lyric guided imagery, ideaphoria, and embodiment techniques, we reinvent the body as a portal for the imagination.