Night Sky Acupuncture + Ideaphoria

Liz Greenhill, LAc.

Liz Greenhill, LAc. offers two types of services: Acupuncture and Creativity Consulting. State licensed and nationally certified as an acupuncturist and herbalist for ten years, Liz crafts your in-office Acupuncture sessions into a true somatic experience, with a magical combination of acupuncture, acupressure and guided visualization. Creativity Consultations are one-on-one experiences on the phone or in-person in which your creative project gets our full focus: ideaphoria, active listening, the application of eastern medicine’s energetics, principles, and theories, and creative visualization, so that you can learn to source new ideas and insights from an embodied and energized space. Hotel and house calls sessions and pop-up group experiences are available upon request. Liz travels to consult and co-create with artists and groups.

Here is a list of providers, helpers, and community resources who I highly recommend.


For sliding scale rates and herbal granule and patent prescriptions: Mark Goldby on E. Burnside (right down the street)

Community style acupuncture at low rates: Mia at Montavilla Acupuncture

Private sessions, takes a variety of insurance: Beacon Acupuncture in Sellwood

For spirit-centered acupuncture with sound healing: Kristen Hart in NE

Holistic Urgent Care: Chris Miller, LAc. and team at GRAIN on SE Belmont

Acupuncture for pregnancy, fertility, motherhood: Lindsey Dority

Acupuncture support with IVF: Hong Jin and team

Acupuncture and bulk herbal pharmacy with Allison and Green at Vital Compass on N. Williams

Acupuncture and herbal granule pharmacy (+ patent prescriptions) at Golden Cabinet on SE Hawthorne


Swedish, intuitive, deep and strong massage: Elaina Anders at Thrive in Montavilla

Massage that’s intuitive, biodynamic, with body-awareness therapy: Tracy Burkholder at Bene Massage

Structural alignment with intuitive touch: Rolfing PDX with Eli Eichenaur at Tabor Space

Massage / Bodywork that’s thorough, intuitive, and deep with Kelly Conlin downtown


Gentle network style, private and community rates: Dan Mutter, DC on SE Division


Holistic health, acupuncture, supplements, tinctures: Casey Carpenter, ND central Eastside

Women’s intravaginal myofascial and cranio-sacral work: Ami Opal, ND central Eastside

Uterine Fibroid Embolization with interventional radiologist Dr. Mary Costantino


Process Work for individuals and couples with Tibetan Tantric and indigenous training: Anusuya Starbear in Sellwood and on the phone or Skype

Process Work for individuals and couples with a sex-positive focus: Niyati Evers SE Division and on video chat

Past-life regression, hypnosis, and therapy with Johanna Courtleigh in Lake Oswego


Life and business coaching with Savannah Mayfield in Montavilla

Business and professional coaching with Leslie Barber


Medium, intuitive guide, energy healer: Anna Blossom Cohen in NE

Shamanic journeying, cranio-sacral, naturpathic care: Amy Kelchner central Eastside


Compassionate, energy-centered colonics at Love Being with Alec Steury at NE 109th


Acupuncture house calls for your pets: vet Isabel Wyss on location


Pediatric and teen acupuncture with Shannon Chawla at Authentic Healing in SW

Speech therapy with Lindsey MacLaren

Parenting guidance, teen advocacy, and family therapy with Dawn Menken


Facials for all (+ great results for acne treatment): Cynde at Mend Skincare off SE Belmont


Studio: Love Hive Yoga on 18th/ Burnside

Yoga therapy: Fawn Williams


Creative writing, poetry, screen writing classes (online and in person in Portland): Corporeal Writing in SW downtown

Want to study acupressure? Check out Portland School of Shiatsu

Nervous System Regulation courses to treat stress and trauma with Jessica Schaffer

All types of short courses on all topics: Portland Underground Graduate School

Community Narrative Medicine Monthly Workshops: for patients, healthcare providers, caretakers, writers, artists, and anyone to come together in community to explore and practice narrative medicine.


Guided Meditations with Tara Brach

Loving Kindness Meditation


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