Night Sky Acupuncture + Ideaphoria

Liz Greenhill, LAc.

Liz Greenhill, LAc. offers two types of services: Acupuncture and Artist’s Assistance. State licensed and nationally certified as an acupuncturist and herbalist for ten years, Liz crafts your acupuncture session into a true somatic experience, designed with potent layers of acupuncture, acupressure, and customized guided visualization. Liz sees patients in her Central Eastside Portland studio. She also does house and hotel calls and hosts group experiences.

Liz provides creative support for artists on the phone. Informed by Eastern Medicine’s energetics and somatics, Liz guides you to uncover new mysteries about your work. Intuitive and sensory and inquiry based, using imagery and collaborative visualization, you will discover, in just one hour session, new ideas and insights from an embodied and energized space. Liz has worked as an artist’s assistant since the 90s, but the way in which she does it has evolved.

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The body is our canvas for discovery and expression. As your acupuncturist, I’m your collaborator. We work with the principles of Chinese Medicine, creative thinking and figurative language to bring about change in your body and being. Together we curate an experience customized just for you at this time and place for your mind and body to retain. If you are a starry night sky, each session unveils a new constellation within you.

 About Liz

Liz Greenhill, LAc., MAcOM,  is an acupuncturist, herbalist, shiatsu practitioner, artist, writer, and creativity consultant. Since 2009, Liz has been certified by the Oregon Medical Board, the NCCAOM  (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), and the NADA Detoxification Association. She studied at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City and graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland.  Liz specializes in creativity, stress, pain, and embodiment. Her work is a unique combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, medicinal Qi Gong, and guided visualization.  Liz has a special interest in working with artists and creatives, the LGBTQ+ community, and young adults. She finds a particular purpose in supporting those with mental and emotional health issues.  

Liz is a graduate of Vassar College, where she studied poetry, art, and filmmaking. Before studying Chinese medicine, she worked as an artist assistant, bookbinder, and printmaker. Liz holds an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Eastern Oregon University. She also teaches classes and workshops about writing and the body and accessing creative verve. Liz lives in Portland with her delightful twelve year old son.

At Reed College, Liz helped develop the infrastructure to integrate acupuncture into the  campus clinic and served as the students' acupuncturist for several years. Liz also worked in the community acupuncture clinic at Quest Center for Integrative Health. She worked at several Chinese herbal pharmacies in New York City, both in bulk herbs and granular, in the Research department at OCOM, and as a Shiatsu teacher’s assistant and an herbal tutor.

Currently, Liz maintains a private practice in Portland, Oregon. Liz is the hotel house call acupuncturist for performing artists passing through Portland. Additionally, she leads group-based guided visualizations and acupuncture pop-ups that specifically  spark creative ignition and build togetherness. 


About Night Sky Acupuncture + Ideaphoria

The night sky is an image I come back to again and again, guiding the body to feel as spacious and vast as the dark lit with stars, that floating feeling of letting the edges of the body dissolve, and the idea that the acupuncture points we work with illuminate within the body like constellations.

Night Sky Acupuncture + Ideaphoria is a place where you reconnect to your creative and whole self. It is a place where I examine these same things, as an acupuncturist, writer, visual artist, collaborator and creative thinking partner. Self-expression is an integral part of the human experience, both individually and collectively. Together we can help each other discover new frontiers within our imaginations and our lived experience.

Your sessions can be hands-on with acupuncture in-person, or on the phone as talk-based sessions focused on your creative process or projects. Customized guided visualizations shift the mind’s eye and work with the body’s healing process, allowing for new insights and movement of stuck energy.  Artists access new perspectives for current projects and learn things about their creative process that they might not have discovered otherwise. Through active listening, lyric guided imagery, ideaphoria, and embodiment techniques, we reinvent the body as a portal for the imagination. 

How does Energy Medicine Work?

Our bodies are alive with energy. In Chinese Medicine we call this Qi (pronounced ‘chee’). Qi flows through our bodies in a geography of pathways that is known and predictable, and also changeable. Qi flows through the body in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers. Through the course of our lives, through internal and externals factors, the Qi in our bodies becomes clogged in some areas and therefore runs low in other areas. Through touch and acupuncture, language, and ideas,  we can shift the flow of our energy.

About Acupuncture

There are many forms of acupuncture out of China and throughout Asia, which date back at least 3,000 years. The type of acupuncture in which I am trained is called Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture according to Chinese Medicine may be used to treat virtually any illness, disease, or pain condition. It is also used for, and excels at, wellness and disease prevention, and improving vitality and longevity. Acupuncture has been proven to benefit the immune system and to release certain biochemicals that reduce pain and inflammation, and improve mood disorders, sleep problems and mental clarity.

Today’s acupuncture needles are the width of a hair, and are sterile single-use stainless steel disposable needles, so that the possibility of transmitting disease between patients has been eliminated. Because tiny acupuncture needles are the only tools we dispose of, acupuncture is praised as an Environmentally Sustainable Medicine. Acupuncture has an outstanding safety record. It is non-toxic, causes minimal adverse reactions, and has no serious side effects.

Acupuncture should not be painful. It is relaxing for some, while invigorating for others. The insertion of a needle may be imperceptible or there may be a slight pinch, a sensation of something shifting or moving, or a mild dull ache. 

Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment in this medicine requires no technology, but rather is based on the skill and knowledge of the practitioner. Acupuncture engages the body’s own self-healing mechanisms and guides the body back to a state of wellness. For this reason, acupuncture requires a series of treatments. For chronic complex conditions, I usually suggest one or two treatments per week for five to eight weeks, at which point we will reassess your progress to determine the course of treatment. For simple or more recent conditions, it’s possible that only several weekly treatments will be necessary. Many people continue with acupuncture as a form of health care after the original condition they sought treatment for has been resolved, because it helps them in a variety of other ways. Acupuncture is used by 10 million Americans.


I have worked as an artist’s assistant since the 90s. I love helping artists make their best work, and now that I have over a decade of experience working with people in my clinic, I approach artist assistance from another level.

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About Guided Visualizations

I integrate language and imagery into my sessions that often lull the patient into a meditative state. Working one-on-one with people is akin to the artistic process for me, like reading, editing, and revision. I understand healing to be a creative act of the body, and some people are more sparked, inspired, or coaxed open to that process through language, voice, and imagery guiding them to a place within the imagination. I like to make the possibility of traveling into a meditative state available to my patients in each session should they want it. As a practitioner, my creative process is also engaged in hands-on healing work. I often work with images that come from channel theory, 5-elements, taoism, qi gong, shiatsu, and the empirical knowledge I continue to build working with peoples' bodies. Guided visualizations are always optional; some people prefer to zone out, sleep, or meditate to music or quiet. If you would like a visualization, please let me know. 

About Acupressure

I integrate acupressure with each acupuncture treatment, to maximize your benefit. The acupressure I practice is informed by my studies in Zen and Quantum shiatsu, medicinal Qi Gong, and acupuncture energetics. Acupressure is touch-based without oil or lotion and just as effective through clothing. Minimal disrobing is honored in my practice. Acupressure may be done on the head, neck and scalp, back and limbs, belly and torso. Your comfort is always my priority. 

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